Back to School Blues? Treat Your Kids to a Limo Ride Worth Talking About

Here's something fun to do for kids in Dallas-Fort Worth before going back to school.

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It’s official. The kids have been diagnosed with “Back to School Blues.” Summer is nearly over, and the kiddos are lamenting. The sad and hopeless feelings are kicking in because summer has gone by way too fast. Family vacation is over, camp is over, and there is nothing more to look forward to before school begins. But what if you could give your child one more surprise? What if you could provide them with a — wait for it — limo ride?!

Fun Has Arrived

Picture this: You’re eating breakfast and reviewing the school supply list. Groan. Your kid is looking out the window while you discuss spending the day shopping for clothes and supplies. Oh, the sighs that ensue.

But wait! There will be no shopping today. While the mood is dismal and the kids are pulling on their shoes, a shiny black limousine pulls up to your house.

“Who is parked out front?” You peek out the window and young heads join you.

“Who is that? That’s a limo. Who is here? Maybe they’re turning around.”

“Well, I’m pretty sure that limousine is for you guys!”

“What? Really? Really, Mom? You were kidding about shopping? We are going to be movie stars today! Where are we going?”

The chatter is incessant, and you tell your kids you’ve called the limousine service here for the grand finale — the last fun day while summer is in full force. You will forever be known as the summer hero, The Guru of Fun.
There are so many things to do in Dallas, TX.You can have the driver whisk you and yours around town, stopping for ice cream or for a learning experience at the Perot Museum of Nature and Science. Even ordinary activities can bring wild euphoria when routines are broken and the unexpected happens. A limo ride could be just what the doctor ordered as summer comes to a close.

Make Memories with MBEG Affordable Limo Service

The “Back to School Blues” is a very real condition that will quickly become an epidemic in the coming weeks. Why not take steps to remedy the situation before it gets worse and invite a few friends along for the excursion? Don’t hesitate — imagine all the smiles and laughter. Your kids will have one more great memory to share when they do get back to school.

To book your limo ride, call MBEG Affordable Limo Service in Fort Worth at 817-563-5665 or Dallas at 214-381-5466. Ask about our day rate special, then get your kids together and make kid heaven a reality just one more time this summer.

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