Rent a Limo in Dallas on New Year’s Eve

Here's Why You Need a Limo on New Year's Eve

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New Year’s Eve is just around the corner. While you are busy with friends planning for the celebration, there is another thing you need to worry about — who will be driving to the venue? If you are someone who always draws the short straw on New Year’s and ends up being the designated driver, you can opt for another option this time — renting a limo!

When you rent a limo, everyone can enjoy the celebration (including yourself!) and have a good time. Here are some useful tips to help you book the right limo for your New Year Party. 

How Big a Limo Do You Need?

How big a limo you will need depends on the number of people you have in your group. While smaller limousines comfortably accommodate about six to seven people, the longer, stretch limousines can hold up to 15 or more people at a time. Mid-sized limousines, on the other hand, are perfect for 11 people including the driver. Having said this, you also need to consider the size, type, and model of the limousine to ensure that you don’t face any issues during the drive. 

Why You Should Let a Pro Drive You Around in Style?

Think about it. If there was just one night of the year when you can rent a limo, which one would it be? Right! On New Year’s Eve. 

Renting a limo not only takes the hassle out of your schedule but also ensures that you have enough time to enjoy the craziness of the ride to Victory Park or any other big event in the city. Not to mention, with all of you being in your best party attire, it will help you make a stylish entry in the venue and dazzle the crowd!

Then comes the safety concerns. Even if you are a tea-totaler, the New Year is not the safest night to be on the road, especially in a city like Dallas. It is better to hire a professional limo service and play it safe in style. 

How to Decide Which Limo or Party Bus Is Right for the Occasion?

When you plan a New Year party celebration, you want everything to be perfect. This includes hiring the right limo or party bus for the occasion. A perfect party bus or limousine is one that has enough space to let you enjoy festivities while you’re on the vehicle. So always consider the onboard activities while deciding on a party bus. Don’t forget to inquire about the other benefits, such as privacy for guests, comfortable seating, beverages, customized music, TV screens and party lighting. 
If you want to make your New Year celebrations even more special, contact our team at MBEG Affordable Limo Service for a customized limousine package. Our reservation specialists will help you tailor a limo rental service to create the perfect trip around town, regardless of where you want to go and what your vehicle preferences are. Our regularly maintained luxury limousines have all the amenities and assure total safety during the ride. 

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