I just wanted to let you know how much we appreciated your services on Saturday night. Because of your company, that night was 20 times more special for my brother. Please know that I will be recommending your company and using it again in the future.

- E. Brewer - Arlington, TX

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Dallas Limo Company
Dallas Limo Company Dallas Limo Company Dallas Limo Company

Our Dallas Location

Contact Us for Limo Services in Dallas, TX

MBEG Limo is a full-service transportation company, meaning we have everything you need to get from point A to point B. Some of the most common uses for our fleet include:

We also provide transporation to airports and corporate events so that you can get where you need while avoiding costly gas and parking charges.

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Party Buses in Dallas TX

Dallas, Dallas, Dallas. One of the best places in Texas, hands down. We love it here, and love that there is so much to do. As this is the case, why not go and do these things in a party bus?

Some of these we’d suggest include…

  • Go to the State Fair in style with a party bus. Your crew won’t regret it! Parking near the Cotton Bowl and the Fairgrounds is impossible, and a party bus solves that problem immediately.
  • Go to the DMA at any time of day with a party bus - take your family or your friends - without paying to park and walking. Enjoy the art without limiting your time due to a parking meter.
  • Go to Mockingbird Station without having to battle it out for parking. Take your friends for a shopping trip, because we all know shops are popping up on Mockingbird weekly.
  • Go to Southside or Gilley’s. See a music show there with a group of folks. Stay late into the evening until the end of the concert without worrying if someone is too tired to drive home.
  • Finally, go to Oak Cliff for its festivals. Whether it's a craft fair or music festival, there is always something going on in Oak Cliff.

Whatever fun you like to have in Dallas, do it in style with a party bus. Party buses can make Dallas, TX that much bigger and better!

Serving Dallas

Dallas is perhaps one of the most diverse cities in the nation. With apartment high rises, luxury homes, condos, and everything in between, the choice for housing is immense. Each area of city has something different to offer: from hip live music venues to top 40 and hip hop clubs to sports venues, Dallas has it all.

The city is also proud to have a booming economy with 12 Fortune 500 companies calling the area home.

MBEG Affordable Limo Service MBEG LIMO
3225 Turtle Creek Blvd, Building #305A
Dallas, TX 75207