How Many People Can Fit in a Limo

Full limousine of people. MBEG Limousine Service LLC.

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There are many types of high-occupancy forms of transportation out there for special events. It truly all gets down to how big your party is, what the event is, and how you want to arrive in style! In terms of limousines, you do have options. For a standard stretch limousine, you can expect to be able to hold up to 6 people per limo. Super Stretch limousines can hold up to 14 people, and then you have the SUV limousines. The Super Stretch SUV limousines, at their maximum capacity, can hold up to 26 people in total – which could probably hold an entire bridal party including groomsmen! Here are some other ways that hiring a limousine can take an event to the next level.

Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties

It would be fun to have a night on the town before the wedding with your closest friends – or whatever you decide for your bachelor and bachelorette parties – in the comfort of a limousine to get you there. Many brides like to treat themselves, their friends and family to a spa day, so why not have us pick up you and your guests, and take you there in style? You can start the relaxation and decompression early! Of course, if you and members of your party want to enjoy a cocktail hour at any point, let us drive home! We are more than happy to offer you total peace of mind.

Birthday Parties

Are you planning something fun for your own birthday, or surprising someone else on theirs? Then hiring a limousine could only add to the fun. Anyone of any age will love a limousine ride, wherever their party is being held. If one of your kiddos is having their birthday party at a movie theater or another specific place, how memorable would it be for them to have a limousine pull up and take them and their friends there? Or if someone is turning 21, a limousine offers safety, if they want to enjoy their birthday with those closest to them. However you celebrate your birthday, limousines add safety and joy to the memories.

Football Games

Football season is upon us once again! Everyone loves cheering on the Dallas Cowboys from home, but if you happen to go to a game with family and friends, how awesome would it be to ride there together? Not only would you save on the cost of parking, you would have a guaranteed, enjoyable ride home where everyone can visit and relax. Especially if you live in the suburbs, the ride to AT&T Stadium is a longer one. Why not be comfortable, relaxed, and ride in style!

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