What’s the Average Cost of a Party Bus Rental in the DFW Area?

Prepare for the night of your lifetime by researching the average cost of a party bus rental in DFW.

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It’s going to be the party of a lifetime. All of the right people have been invited, you have the venue booked, and now you’re looking at transportation. There are many party bus rental options in the Dallas Fort-Worth area, so deciding on one company’s deal can be difficult.

If it’s the price that’s posing a challenge, let’s talk about what a fair cost is in the area. A full breakdown of party bus rental prices can help make your decision easier.

The Average Party Bus Rental Prices in DFW

Here in DFW, we love to party any night of the week. If you visit downtown, you’ll notice plenty of clubs and bars popping at every hour. Most people arrive in style, ready to tear up the dance floor with their partners or friends for the evening. For some, renting a party bus makes a special occasion that much more memorable.

If you agree, then you need to know the average pricing of a rental. On average, a six-person limousine costs anywhere from $65 to $100 an hour. For a party bus, the price is between $100 and $300 per hour. Why the huge jump? A party bus is capable of holding more than six passengers.

Many of today’s top party buses also come fully equipped with modern amenities, such as comfortable seating, a bar, and even a small dance floor in the center for stops. You’re not only paying for convenience but also for the entertainment value.

What About Party Bus Tipping?

One cost factor that many people forget about when booking a party bus or limo is tipping. With a party bus, it is customary to tip the driver anywhere from 18 to 20 percent of the base price. Some party bus rental companies in DFW add a tip automatically onto the bill at the end. Others leave the tipping portion to the customer. It’s up to your discretion how well you tip and if you leave any cash behind for the driver as a “thank you” for their service that evening.

An Additional Party Bus Expense to Consider

The amount you spend on a party bus for the entire evening can vary wildly. Another expense factor to consider is your route. If you’re going from Point A to Point B, with little deviation in-between, then your price is going to reflect the short trip. However, if you’re planning multiple stops throughout the evening with a long route to enjoy your time, then your total cost for the night will be higher.
If you’re looking to make your night extra special, consider renting a party bus in DFW. MBEG Limousine Service is the premier company for ground transportation and entertainment in the area. Give us a call for pricing and reservations at 214-381-4566!

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