Party Buses for Rent in Dallas TX

I just wanted to let you know how much we appreciated your services on Saturday night. Because of your company, that night was 20 times more special for my brother. Please know that I will be recommending your company and using it again in the future.

- E. Brewer - Arlington, TX

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Dallas Limo Company

Best Party Buses for Rent In Dallas, Fort Worth & Arlington TX

Party Buses Dallas, Fort Worth and Arlington, TXEvents in the Dallas area - and even in Fort Worth and Arlington - can be tricky to maneuver. For example, a group of friends going out wants to start in Uptown but eventually wants to head over to a music show in Fort Worth. As this is often the case, renting a party bus is really the best option. By renting a vehicle for the night out or an afternoon birthday party, the host is checking the stress of driving across DFW off the list. 

Party Bus for Kids

Consider a scenario in which you might get a party bus for a kid’s birthday party. In doing so, you guarantee:

  • You’re not distracted by rambunctious kids while driving;
  • The driver knows the exact route to each location, so you don’t have to navigate;
  • The party bus can seat more than a traditional car, making for a bigger party; and
  • The bus can even be decorated and have a theme that matches the party.

For your child’s birthday party, a bus rental is the best option. This way, you could take them from Magic Time Machine in North Dallas to Six Flags in Arlington without having to drive a single mile!

Party Bus for Weddings

Your wedding is an immensely special time. It’s a chance to go all out and enjoy a bit of extravagance while devoting your life to your best friend and partner. To make the entire event extra special, we proudly offer party buses designed specifically for weddings. You no longer have to drive yourself to the venue. We’ll handle the drive while you enjoy your time with friends and family.

Party Bus for Birthday Parties

No matter how old you or a loved one is turning, celebrating a birthday is a big deal. Whether you’re going out on the town for the evening, celebrating at an exquisite restaurant, or partying the night away on the bus, we have the best party bus for your night. You shouldn’t have to worry about driving and making good time to each spot. We’ll handle everything!

Party Bus for Bachelorette Parties

When it’s time to gather the girls and celebrate your upcoming wedding, a party bus is the perfect mode of transportation for a good time. Our party bus can be customized to suit your bachelorette party needs, complete with space to kick back, relax, and enjoy your friends and family. Let us handle the driving while you make a few memories in the back!

Prom Party Buses for Rental

Prom Party Buses Dallas Fort Worth and Arlington,TXFor your teenager’s prom anywhere in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, a party bus is a must-have. It offers solutions to problems you aren’t in control of. Let’s say your child wants to ride with a friend to prom, but you don’t know the friend and are unsure of his or her driving habits. For the safety of your teen, a party bus guarantees a qualified driver.

Or let’s say your son or daughter doesn’t have a date to prom, so he or she is worried about going alone. A rented party bus solves this problem; your teenager doesn’t have to go solo. A whole group can go together on a party bus.

Frequently Asked Questions About Party Buses

  • Question: How many passengers do your buses fit?
  • Answer: We have 20, 25 and 30 passenger buses.
  • Question: Whats the difference in price?
  • Answer: The range anywhere from $100 to $150 per hour plus gratuity however we do run specials where we give 1 hour sometimes 2 hours for free.
  • Question: What does the bus look like inside?
  • Answer: All of our buses come with Dance floors, laser lights, flat screen TV's, stereo sound system, stripper pole, hardwood floors, ceiling lights and mood lights.
  • Question: Can I come see the bus?
  • Answer: Yes you may come by one our offices any Tuesday between 4pm and 7pm and any Wednesday between 3pm and 6pm. Please call the office for the address. You may also visit Our Fleet Page on our website for updated pictures.
  • Question: Is there a minimum number of ours?
  • Answer: No there isn't. We accommodate to your need. Whether its a Transfer or hourly.

Party Bus Rentals Make Fun Possible!

Don’t host your kid’s birthday or send your teen off to prom without a party bus. It’s the ultimate fun - and safe - solution that takes your party from ordinary to extraordinary! Get your party bus rental with MBEG Limos in DFW. 214-381-5466