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I just wanted to let you know how much we appreciated your services on Saturday night. Because of your company, that night was 20 times more special for my brother. Please know that I will be recommending your company and using it again in the future.

- E. Brewer - Arlington, TX

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Dallas Limo Company

#1 Wedding Party Limousine Transportation in Dallas TX

Luxurious Transportation Packages on Your Big Day

Wedding Limousine Rental Dallas TXSo much planning goes into a wedding that it would be nice to assume one aspect of the planning is hassle-free. Relieve your stress by letting MBEG Affordable Limo provide all your wedding party transportation for the big event.

The wedding day is a special day, and the bride should have her moment to shine. She shouldn’t be concerned that her transportation will be late or that there won’t be room for her wedding party in any of the vehicles. With our extensive fleet of vehicles, MBEG can provide transportation for all members of the wedding party, whether creating a parade of limousines or offering a party bus for the entire wedding party. Whatever your preference, MBEG has the solution.

Wedding Limousine Decoration

Wedding celebrations are a time of significant festivities and joyous experiences all around. A nice bottle of champagne, the right color of flowers, and a playlist that makes anyone want to dance their night away. To get to those festivities, however, you need the right ride that helps build up to the wedding and the party afterwards: our limousines. Just like your wedding venue, our limousines can be decorated to set the right mood and match the theme of your wedding.

Every single day, our trained technicians clean the entire limousine from top to bottom, ensuring everything is spotless. Then we can work to decorate everything in the correct manner you have chosen: any color of flowers, specific writing, etc. We adore helping our clients to ensure their big day is correct from the time you wake up to the time you step out of the limousine.

Wedding Party Limo Rental

When it comes to an exceptional wedding party, you don’t want to worry about driving everyone everywhere. You need a wedding party limo rental to make the day smooth and enjoyable for all.

Wedding Car Rental

If a limousine is too big, a wedding car rental could be the perfect accompaniment to your party. Our vehicles are lavish and stylish, and completely safe and functional, to accommodate the bride, groom, or wedding party.

Wedding Limousine to the Ceremony

On your big day, you shouldn’t have to worry about a limousine back and forth to the venue and beyond. A wedding limousine to the ceremony allows you to arrive in style and complete comfort for your walk down the aisle.

Wedding Limousine to the Reception

On the way to the reception, you’re probably tired and want to just enjoy the moment without worrying about road conditions. A wedding limousine to and from the reception is the ideal method for most.

Wedding Party Bus Rental

If a limousine is too small or too quiet, a wedding party bus can really liven up the party in Dallas, TX. Our wedding party bus is designed to be comfortable, safe, and stocked full of amenities for your big day.

When should I book my wedding transportation?

Your wedding could very well be one of the most important days of your life. With that in mind, it is also one of the most hectic, stressful times as you work hard to plan everything and fix the minute details that seem to be askew. Securing your wedding transportation is just one more task on your to-do list that needs to be completed in a timely manner.

Whether you plan to book a car, a limo, or what have you, it would be best to book with our transportation company as early as possible. Some choose to begin booking their wedding transportation anywhere from 5 to 7 months beforehand. This is especially important depending on the time of year you happen to be getting married. For example, if your wedding is in the prom season, it would be best to plan ahead and secure a limousine well before they are all spoken for.

How many people can your limousines carry?

Many limousine rental companies like to exaggerate exactly how many people their limousines can safely and comfortably accommodate. For the most part, the industry standard for passengers is around 10 people per stretch limousine. These limousines will actually comfortably sit around eight in the back. The “10” actually includes the driver and a front passenger.

If you require something with more seating room, let us know at the time of booking. Hopefully we can accommodate your needs and seat all of your guests. Simply speak with one of our highly-trained reservation specialists to discuss all of your wedding plans and needs so we may customize your entire experience to your exact specifications. We promise to offer an unforgettable experience, no matter how many guests you have in each limousine you have rented.

Our Promise to You

Being in the spotlight means the guests are focused upon you, and the happy couple should be able to shine like stars on their big day. Arriving to the applause of the crowd in a stretch SUV limo with the wedding party, or in a Lincoln Town Car sedan adds class to the occasion. And by turning over the responsibility of driving to our trained professional chauffeurs, a weight is taken from your shoulders, with the assurance that our staff will be on time and courteous, with ample experience in customer service.

All of our vehicles are cleaned daily, and we perform regular maintenance to ensure the safety of our fleet. You can’t go wrong with MBEG Limo Services.

Transport Your Guests in Style

You’ve got all the ingredients for a fabulous party: delicious food, high-energy activities, and a killer guest list. It’s easy to forget about transportation. Unfortunately, your guests will certainly notice when they have to cart themselves and their families around in fancy clothes. A rented limousine, on the other hand, allows you to give your guests a night they’ll remember for all the right reasons.

Our limousines are fully-stocked with the latest safety features, are inspected regularly, and include accommodations specified by you. Need space for champagne? We’ve got you covered. There’s also plenty of spacious room for multiple guests. No one has to spend a minute worrying about traffic, refueling, or an ill-timed breakdown. Schedule a smooth ride with MBEG Limo Services, and make your party unforgettable. 

Contact one of our limousine reservation specialists to discuss your wedding plans, and we will help you customize the experience to your specifications, creating an unforgettable experience with our limo service. Know that we want your business, and we want your wedding to be filled with sweet memories. Let those memories begin and end with our luxury rides, providing you with a sense of peace and security to start your new marriage off on the right foot.